Cred App Hacks and Tricks to Get More Rewards and Scratch Card Limits
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Cred App Hacks and Tricks to Get More Rewards and Scratch Card Limits

Using Cred app we can pay credit card bills and get rewards, like Kill the Bill and redeem cred coins from the reward section, but today I will share few Cred app hacks and tricks where you will get more cashback’s(money) or rewards and other interesting hacks.

Cred App Hacks

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Ok, lets get started.

#1. Pay your credit card bill in multiples of Rs 1000.

For Example: If your credit card bill is Rs 6500 then pay in multiple of 1000’s like Rs 1001, Rs 1002, Rs 1003 so on

By using this you will get 6 Kill the bill scratch cards on your cred app.

Taking each scratch card gives you Rs 10, so 6 * 10 = Rs 60 (cashback)

So for paying Rs 6000 you will get averagely Rs 60 cashback, which is not bad.

#2. Always Pay your credit card bill during Mid night i.e., After 12 AM because at this the scratch cards will be loaded.

For paying Rs 1002 bill at 12.10 AM I got Rs 1000 cash back check below image.

Maximum cash back I got using Kill the bill scratch card feature on CRED app is Rs 1000.

Maximum cash back won on cred app scratch card

#3. Pay credit card bill on Cred App using Google pay or PhonePe or Paytm Pay or Samsung Pay because these UPI wallets will also give scratch cards for paying through them, I got almost Rs 300 by paying through Google Pay.

Cred App Scratch Card Limit

#4. You know the maximum scratch cards you can earn is 300, for each reward type i.e, for Rs 1000 reward you get 300 scratch cards, for Rs 5000, Rs 10000 rewards also 300 cards.

#5. Know you free Experian and CRIF score in your Cred Profile section.

How CRED App makes money?

Currently Cred not making any money, infact they are spending money to get rewards/coupons/offers from reputed brands on the platform. Few new brands may pay them to get visibility.

Cred has already launched their own UPI wallet.

Charge brands to get access to the best spending customers.

In future it may push products to consumers with high credit scores and offer them rewards and benefits.

May show Ads.