SBI Missed Call Balance Number Mini Statement Number and Registration and SBI SMS Banking

If you are a State Bank of India customer then SBI has started Missed call banking service where customer can able to know their bank account balance, Mini statment details like last 5 transaction in their account by just giving missed call from their registered mobile number.

SBI Missed Call Balance Number

Before using the SBI Quick Missed Call Banking You need to Register or Activate the Service.

SBI Missed Call Banking Registration

Send SMS in below format from the same mobile number linked with Account for Activation

SMS Format: REG AccountNumber and send sms to 09223488888

E.g., REG 31011299550 and send sms to 09223488888

Upon sending a Confirmation message will be received indicating successful/unsuccessful registration.

SBI Missed Call Balance Enquiry Number

Give a missed call to 09223766666, Upon 2 rings call disconnects.

And you will get a sms stating your SBI balance details.

SBI Mini Statement Number

Dial and Give missed call to 09223866666.

Call disconnects and you get list of last 5 transactions of your SBI Account.

How to DeRegister SBI Missed Call Banking

If for any reason you dont want to avail or use SBI Quick Missed Call banking service then you need to send sms as below.

You can de-register from SBI Quick through the following process

SMS Format: DREG and send sms to 09223488888 or 567676

Note: For Missed Call Numbers 9223766666, 9223866666 If you listen to IVR of 3 seconds which will be played after 4-5 rings, then customer you will be charged as per your mobile bill plan for 3 seconds.

You can watch Below Youtube Video to know the above Steps.

SBI Missed Call Banking Balance Number Mini Statement Number and Registration 09223766666

SBI SMS Banking

Now you can send sms to know your SBI Balance Enquiry Details, Mini Statement, Cheque Book Request, E-Statement – last 6 month, Home Loan Interest Certificate and Education Loan Interest Certificate.

For Balance Enquiry:
Send SMS as BAL to 09223766666

For Mini Statement:

Send SMS as MSTMT to 09223866666

For Cheque Book Request:

Send SMS as CHQREQ to 09223588888

You will receive an SMS. Send consent SMS (CHQACCY6 digit no. received in SMS) to 09223588888within 2 hours of receipt of SMS for further processing.

For E-Statement – last 6 month

You can avail SBI e-statement for last 6 months of your Savings Bank account. The statement will be sent on your registered email ID with password encrypted PDF file.

Send an SMS ESTMT AccountNumber (code) to 09223588888.

Education Loan Interest Certificate

To avail interest certificate of your Education Loan for the Financial Year
Send SMS ELI (Account Number) (code)to 09223588888

Home Loan Interest Certificate
To avail interest certificate of your Home Loan for the Financial Year
Send an SMS HLI (Account Number) (code) 09223588888

*Code is any 4 digit number

You can use SBI Missed Call Banking Service, SBI SMS Banking for SB/CA/OD/CC accounts.

If you have two SBI account numbers with the Bank with the same mobile number mentioned on both? Then See below,

You can register for SBI Quick for only one account. If you want to change the mapped account number, you have to de-register SBI Quick from the first account and then register for the second one.

You can also use above steps for the SBI 6 associate banks State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Patiala, State Bank of Travancore and Bharatiya Mahila Bank.

When you register for SBI Missed Call Banking

If successful then you can start using the services.
If unsuccessful:

Check the SMS format and destination mobile number.

Ensure that your mobile number from which the SMS is sent, is updated with the Bank for that account number. If not, visit your Branch and update the same.

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